Langmesser Craftsmanship

What Can We Build For You?

Gene Langmesser is an internationally recognized automotive visionary and engineer.

In his career he has set-up design, engineering, rapid prototyping, mock-up and fabrication facilities. He is the CEO and owner for N2A Motors, a California based custom auto manufacturer with a mission of reviving the art of American coach building. Their elite team of engineers is only limited by the possibilities of YOUR imagination, so there is really only one thing that you can predict about N2A Motors: They will continue to craft incredible, high performance sports cars, and out of all of these beautiful vehicles that they create, there will be No 2 Alike.


      1. Vision & Concept
      2. Strategy & Planning
      3. Visual Design & Rendering
      4. Technical Plan & Design
      5. Process & Procurement
      6. Pressing & Body
      7. Painting & Molding
      8. Assembly & Finishing
      9. Testing & Quality Check

Building Your Dream Car!


Langmesser’s principles of design are based on art and Engineering.

The “art” of Langmesser design does not so much denote the quality of design, but the purity of the discipline. Langmesser and the N2A team is comprised of master design engineers who live, eat and breathe automotive design.


N2A is a company with years of automotive heritage, a design house accustomed to building million-dollar-plus concept cars for global automakers and a vision for a line of cars built to the same extraordinary tolerances and specifications as the one-off masterpieces produced for the auto show floor. At N2A, we operate under a strict policy of building unique vehicles for each of our customers.

Areas of Expertise

From Art to Part

Automotive Customization

N2A’s classic customizations include custom design and fabrication, aesthetic and mechanical, body on or body off, strip and paint, full or partial vehicle, vintage car investment consulting and appraisals.

American Coach Building

N2A is an award-winning American coach building team. Specializing in the art of concepting and building uniquely designed, durable automotive bodies (not kits) on a separate chassis, rather than being of unitary or monocoque construction.

Modern Engineering

N2A is modern automotive engineers, incorporating elements of mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering and applying these to the design, manufacture, and operation of motorcycles, automobiles, buses and trucks and their respective engineering subsystems.

Transportation Design & Development

N2A’s automotive design ranges in several across the board, but primarily includes the development of the visual appearance or aesthetics of the vehicle, along with how it will function on the road.

Movie Vehicle Design and Development

N2A’s team is skilled and sought after for their industrial and transportation design for developing cinematic ideas and storyboards into functioning iconic movie vehicles, including motorcycles, trucks, buses, bicycles, vans and wicked awesome cars!

Classic Restoration

N2A specializes in restoration, repairing neglected and degraded aspects of an automobile and returning them to an overall “authentic” condition. From rust to rad!