Meet the Nikola One

The world’s first emission-free, hydrogen-electric semi-truck with extended range between charges.

Nikola Motor Co. is a pioneer in electric-powered, heavy duty transportation vehicle technology.

The Nikola One is a fully electric, hydrogen-powered, sleeper semi-truck.

A Groundbreaking Partnership

The N2A team was honored to partner with Nikola to build this groundbreaking, electric-power solution for the trucking industry. N2A built the cab, exterior features and lighting, and the complete interior.

More powerful.

Nikola One’s electric motors hit peak torque of up to 2,000 ft-lbs almost instantly. That, combined with
all-wheel drive, powers the Nikola One to accelerate nearly 2x faster than a stock diesel tractor.

We built a prototype and fabricated the body panels. We used all carbon composite panels. We also machined all tools to build the prototype. We created custom LED lighting, headlamps, grill work, and lighting, including interior lighting.

More efficient.

The Nikola One’s hydrogen fuel cell produces almost 300 kilowatts (kW) of energy, giving the batteries more than enough power even during a steep hill climb – up to 65 mph under full load. The fuel cell is 100% emission free and only emits water vapor.

N2A fabricated mirrors, glass molds, and interior concept, engineering and build. The build included beds, refrigerator, microwave, dash, instrumentation, and console. Finishing touches included  3-stage pearl essence paint and sliding door, resulting in a fully functioning, drivable vehicle.

Nikola One Features

100% zero emissions – Hydrogen-powered – 500- to 1,000-mile range – 15-minute refill time

2,000 ft.-lbs. torque – instantly / 1,000 HP / 0-60 mph in 30 seconds