Meet the Nemesis

The ultimate expression of design, innovation and ability

Potent power from the heart

The Nemesis features one the most powerful automobile engines ever created.
The Nemesis engine is tuned to its most potent specifications; it’s the ultimate heart to a handcrafted American luminary.

BLOCK: 9.0L aluminum 116mm bore, 124.5 mm bore center block, with deep skirts and cross-bolted mains
PISTONS: Proprietary alloy, hydrostatic forged “double box” piston with cooling jets
RINGS: Proprietary PVD coated
VALVETRAIN: Duplex chain drive with hydraulic tensioners. Direct acting mechanical finger follower DOHC
CYLINDER HEADS: 620+ CFM, Nimonic 80 exhaust
INDUCTION: Dual injector per cylinder, twin electronic throttle body
HEAD GASKET: Multilayer Steel

FUEL MANAGEMENT: 16 injectors, fully sequential, model based controller with torque management control.
EXHAUST SYSTEM: Patent pending pulse tuned stainless headers
TURBOCHARGERS: Mercury Racing / Honeywell Garret
TRANSMISSION: All-wheel drive
GEARBOX: Programmable 8 speed sequential Transmission
CLUTCH: Double
TIRES: Front Tires: Pirelli 255/35 ZR19 | Rear Tires: Pirelli 335/30 ZR20
WHEELS: Front wheels: 19” x 9 | Rear wheels: 20” x 12

BRAKES: Carbon ceramic rotors. Dual hydraulic circuit brake system with vacuum brake booster; front and rear
CCB, 6-cylinder brake calipers, 4-cylinder brake calipers Ø 400x 38 mm – Ø 380 x 38 mm
SUSPENSION: Front and rear horizontal mono-tube damper with push-rod system
CHASSIS: Carbon fiber monocoque with Inconel front and rear frames
BODY: Carbon fiber engine bonnet, movable spoiler and side air inlets; carbon fiber front bonnet, front fenders and doors; SMC rear fender and rocker cover


Powered by a breakthrough in engineering.
Formed by machine-crafted aluminum and bore.
Performance benefits are clear

2000 HP / 1650 Nm of torque / 0-60 in 2.8 seconds