GM’s New Investment

Here at N2A Motors, we pride ourselves on our ability to build quality performance vehicles under the Langmesser brand. With that said, we are happy to see one of our brand partners, GM, making an incredible investment in a mission we and other coachbuilders take so seriously.

As you may or may not know, the GM Performance Build Center located in Bowling Green, Kentucky is responsible for rolling every Corvette through its assembly line. This Center is also responsible for rolling out other GM high-performance engines, such as Cadillac’s supercharged 4.4L Northstar V8, the C6 Corvette Z06, Camero Z/28 and C7 Stingray Corvette Z06.

As of January 2016, GM has announced a $44 Million investment into the specialty performance engine department at the Performance Build Center. This investment will help to produce an abundance of new performance models as well as add an additional 36 employees to its team.

At the Langmesser brand, we support putting a positive spotlight on building high-performance vehicles and creating jobs in the process. Way to go, GM!


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