Meet the Upper Deck

The largest multi-purpose pickup truck of its kind ever built

N2A Takes a Build to Another Level

This luxury 4×4 MPV is an RV and pickup fused together, big enough to load a full-size car in the bed, with room on the top for dirt bikes or quads. It’s built on a Ford F-650/F-750 chassis. There’s no need to tow a trailer, unless you want to of course! Because the Upper Deck CAN!

Lots of Space to Stash Your Stuff

The original Ford body was widened by 22 inches, and an air scoop was added to the hood. Six storage compartments are located on either side of the vehicle and additional external storage is provided by four sliding drawers at the rear of the truck beneath the flatbed..

And Plenty of Space to Lay Your Head

The Dunkel Industries team has crammed a surprising amount of equipment into a relatively small space. There are several sleeping berths, including a queen bed in the rear, a queen bed over the cab and a motorized seat-table combo that creates a full bed on the passenger side of the cab.

The perfect recreational vehicle for the road warrior.

The lowdown on the Upper Deck

Ford F-650/F-750 chassis / 800 lb-ft of torque / 7,000-lb. capacity flatbed/ up to 17,500 lb. capacity