The Corvette C2: Restored and Modernized (“Restomod”)

A blast from the past updated with today’s technology

N2A is Building Two ’60s Corvette Restomods

Restomod (noun): A car that mixes old and new technology to create the best of both worlds, matching classic styling with modern comfort, performance and reliability. These restomods have the timeless appearance of the originals, but the outdated guts of the car have been replaced with the more modern, high-performance parts of today.

High-Performance Upgrades

The 1965 convertible’s chassis was shortened and made narrower to accommodate wider performance tires. The suspension was fully replaced with all C6 and C7 parts. The cars are equipped with new drivetrains and upgraded brake systems. And the engine was upgraded to a 430-hp, 2018 GM 6.2 liter V8 small block LS3 engine. The ’64 coupe is undergoing a similar transformation.

Let Us Build a C2 for You

Not only will these restomods perform better than the originals, they will ride better, too. The interiors are completely redesigned with upgraded seats, climate systems and sound systems. We also take full advantage of today’s technology, with new gauges, infotainment centers, and other upgrades. Taken together, these modifications give the car a ride as great as it looks and performs.