BSA 3-Wheeler by N2A


Re-Imagining the 3-Wheeled Car!

BSA 3-Wheeler by N2A

Re-Imagining the 3-Wheeled Car!

We would like to introduce our most recent project

 The BSA 3-Wheeler! This concept is the re-imagining of a 1930s model first introduced by The Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited (BSA).

 BSA was a major British industrial

combine that manufactured firearms, bicycles, cars, buses and more. 

At one point

 They were the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. In 1929, the company introduced their first 3-Wheeled cars.

At N2A, we were inspired by the uniqueness and individuality of this classic. It is a car unlike any others today. 


 We have taken the time to sculpt and build this model into something that is fully modern and functional, while keeping it’s classic style of the past.


The body is a carbon composite

comprising of an upper and lower clam shell design with integrated dashboard and trunk, bonded using F1 and Indy racing car technology. 

It sits atop a single backbone aluminum

chassis that carries all the drive train, suspension and fuel systems.

The V Twin 3-Wheeler has several different engine sizes starting at 100” to 120” (1.6L to 2.0L), with a 5 speed transmission and shaft drive to the rear wheel. Other versions of this vehicle are currently in production, such as an electric version, an open wheel model and a 4-Wheel model.