Unleash the Beast

On the road or on the track, the Rezvani Beast proves to be one of the most responsive and best-handling cars in the world

Designed by Rezvani. Engineered by Langmesser. Built by N2A.

The Beast is the ultimate expression of the best in world-class automotive design, performance, and engineering

Purity in Design

The Beast was designed by Rezvani Motors. The Beast has received many awards and worldwide recognition for its innovative design and engineering.

Precision in Engineering

N2A was contracted by Rezvani to provide all engineering, modeling, laser scanning, full-scale model machining, mold/tool development, prototype build, production tooling development and production build at our facility.

Distinctive Design & Engineering

The Beast pairs blistering performance (0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds) with truly unique features, including Apple CarPlay and distinctive “SideWinder” doors, developed by N2A.

The One. The Only. The Beast.