A lot of you have seen the 7-8-9 SS online.
Many of you have seen one in person.
Some of you have actually driven one.

Now, here’s your chance to own one!


For the first time in N2A Motors history, Gene Langmesser, the owner and CEO of N2A Motors will be offering an amazing price on the award-winning 7-8-9 SS.

For only the first 10 orders completed in March 2017, you can have your hands behind the wheel of [...]

N2A Motors at SEMA

789SS and The Cruiser Showing N2A Motors at the SEMA SHOW in Las Vegas

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N2A Motors is ready for the world stage at the premier automotive specialty products trade event … the SEMA Show. The 2016 SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show will take place November 1-4 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. SEMA attracts more than 60,000 industry leaders from more than [...]

Come join us this Saturday at the OC Fairgrounds for Cruisin’ for a Cure! Cruisin’ for a Cure is a non-profit organization benefiting Prostate Cancer research, and, according to their website, “is the world’s largest one-day charity car show with over 3,500 vehicles on display and over 200 vendors and exhibitors. They get to cruise through the OC Fair & Event Center for 1.5 miles and/or park and just display their vehicles.”

We are proud to support such an important cause, and we will be displaying our BSA 3-Wheeler, the Rezvani Beast, and our newest 789 SS! So come out and participate!

More information can be found at

We shared awhile back that development was underway on the Camaro 789 SS, and now we are proud to announce that the prototype is finished!  This 789 SS is the first of the style built on a convertible Camaro with a rear seat! See the pictures below!

The all new 789 SS is built on a Camaro Convertible (all models SS, 2SS, ZL1…; 2010 to 2015; convertible ONLY).  It is built to reminisce the ’57, ’58 and ’59 chevy (design cues only). The body is built from carbon fiber composites in the likeness of those years, hence the name “789.” The Camaro Convertible conversion will be designated by 789 SS, 789 ZL, or whatever the donor vehicle performance level is.

This 789 SS follows the 789 built on a C6 Corvette in coupe, targa or convertible and the 789 XLR built on a Cadillac XLR which comes with a retractable hard top. We are looking [...]

Podcast Interview with Gene!

"Cars Yeah" host and Automotive Enthusiast Mark Greene talks to Gene!

Earlier today, our very own Gene Langmesser did an interview with Mark Greene on Cars Yeah. Cars Yeah is a podcast hosted 5 days a week by Greene, a self proclaimed “incurable automotive enthusiast.” Hear what Gene has to say about his early career, his “Ah-Ha” moments, his first special vehicle, his best automotive advice and more.

We would like to thank Greene, as well as the show’s sponsors CKFinancial, NOCO, and Covercraft Ind., for having Gene on today. Listen to the full interview here: You can also hear the interview and hundreds of other shows with Greene on Cars Yeah, iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher.

In the Museum

One of our 789XLRs has been inducted into the Miami Auto Museum

On Saturday June 11, one of our 789XLRs made its way into The Miami Auto Museum at the Dezer Collection in North Miami, FL. The Dezer Collection is a privately owned museum that exhibits automobiles and related memorabilia collected by Michael Dezer. Michael is a good friend of one of our clients, Bob Davids, owner of Seasmoke Vineyards. After driving Bob’s 789XLR-V, Michael said “I have to have one of these and one for my Museum also!”


The New 789 SS!

Our First 789 with a Rear Seat

We are excited to have completed the development of our 789 SS! The 789 SS is built on a 2010-2015 Camaro Convertible, making it our first 789 with a rear seat. The 789 SS can be built on any convertible Camaro, whether it’s the base, SS or ZL1. We are starting the build of two of these vehicles, and they have already been sold! If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

In the meantime, don’t forget about our other fully customized 789s! These babies can be built on a 2005-2013 Corvette C6 or a 2004-2009 Cadillac XLR. As usual, all running gear, air bags, safety features and suspension remains original, and GM still honors the warranty. With such a variety of custom options for each of our 789s, let us build the one that best represents you!


Slide1We would like to introduce our most recent project, the BSA 3-Wheeler! This concept is the re-imagining of a 1930s model first introduced by The Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited (BSA). BSA was a major British industrial combine that manufactured firearms, bicycles, cars, buses and more. At one point, they were the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. In 1929, the company introduced their first 3-Wheeled cars.

At N2A, we were inspired by the uniqueness and individuality of this classic. It is a car unlike any others today. We have taken the time to sculpt and build this model into something that is fully modern and functional, while keeping it’s classic style of the past. Other versions of this vehicle are currently in production, such as an electric version, an open wheel model [...]

Along with our partners, Trion Supercars, we unveiled the Trion Nemesis last week at the Silicon Valley Auto Show! Check out this news segment about the unveiling, and be sure to look for it in 2017!

Here at N2A Motors, we pride ourselves on our ability to build quality performance vehicles under the Langmesser brand. With that said, we are happy to see one of our brand partners, GM, making an incredible investment in a mission we and other coachbuilders take so seriously.

As you may or may not know, the GM Performance Build Center located in Bowling Green, Kentucky is responsible for rolling every Corvette through its assembly line. This Center is also responsible for rolling out other GM high-performance engines, such as Cadillac’s supercharged 4.4L Northstar V8, the C6 Corvette Z06, Camero Z/28 and C7 Stingray Corvette Z06.

As of January 2016, GM has announced a $44 Million investment into the specialty performance engine department at the Performance Build Center. This investment will help to produce an abundance of new performance models as well as add an additional 36 employees to its team.

At the Langmesser brand, we support [...]

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