Beast by Rezvani

N2A Helps Unleash the Beast

The Rezvani BEAST™ takes the supercar to the next level.

N2A Motors has partnered with Rezvani Motors, and is the current build house for the Beast. N2A engineered, developed and built the prototype here in our facility.

The Beast has lightweight, aluminum forged wheels wrapped in front 235/35/19 and rear 295/30/19 tires to further enhance performance and lightness. On the road or track, Beast proves to be one of the most responsive and best handling cars in the world. The interior features carbon fiber seats, a carbon fiber steering wheel that weighs in at less than a Formula 1 steering wheel (300 grams), and Apple CarPlay— a first ever in the segment.

N2A is now building the Beast for production. Current build estimates are between 12-14 weeks.

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