Podcast Interview with Gene!

Earlier today, our very own Gene Langmesser did an interview with Mark Greene on Cars Yeah. Cars Yeah is a podcast hosted 5 days a week by Greene, a self proclaimed “incurable automotive enthusiast.” Hear what Gene has to say about his early career, his “Ah-Ha” moments, his first special vehicle, his best automotive advice and more.

We would like to thank Greene, as well as the show’s sponsors CKFinancial, NOCO, and Covercraft Ind., for having Gene on today. Listen to the full interview here: http://carsyeah.com/ourportfolio/538-gene-langmesser/. You can also hear the interview and hundreds of other shows with Greene on Cars YeahiTunesGoogle Play, and Stitcher.

In the Museum

On Saturday June 11, one of our 789XLRs made its way into The Miami Auto Museum at the Dezer Collection in North Miami, FL. The Dezer Collection is a privately owned museum that exhibits automobiles and related memorabilia collected by Michael Dezer. Michael is a good friend of one of our clients, Bob Davids, owner of Seasmoke Vineyards. After driving Bob’s 789XLR-V, Michael said “I have to have one of these and one for my Museum also!”