Discover the all-new stinger

N2A Motors is a California-based custom auto manufacturer with a mission of reviving the art of American coach building. The N2A moniker is an abbreviation of “No Two Alike,” which refers to the company’s policy of building truly unique vehicles for each and every customer. Our vision at N2A Motors is to take everything that we love about our favorite classic, retro, and modern sports cars, and build them into new vehicles with state-of-the-art performance, safety, and reliability. Our elite team of engineers is only limited by the possibilities of YOUR imagination, so there is really only one thing that you can predict about N2A Motors: We will continue to craft incredible, high performance sports cars, and out of all of these beautiful vehicles that we create, there will be No 2 Alike.


Owner and founder of N2A Motors, Gene Langmesser, has a long, successful history in the Automotive & Aerospace industry. Known in the industry as the “Fireman”, Gene’s unique vision and skill set always finds innovative solutions while breaking new ground.


Although N2A is leading the way in revitalizing American coach building, our in-house team of technicians can build everything you can imagine… from art to part!  Find out what N2A by Langmesser can do for you.


The Corvette Sting Ray featured a unique combination of innovation, beauty, and power, and also included some of the most unique and iconic design features the industry has ever seen. Langmesser and N2A are breathing new life into this automotive idol.

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